Strateic Planning-Real Estate Agent

The Client:

Real Estate Agent

The Challenge:

A real estate agemt faced growing competition, rising labour costs, out-dated technology and lacked a clear marketplace vision. Over past a few years, the organization grew through acquisition and suffered from non-standard business processes and disparate systems that were susceptible to employee fraud.

The Solution:

Working with the client’s Executive Management Team, we researched industry trends, assessed the current business environment, conducted a gap analysis on company’s existing technology platform, and facilitated several strategic planning sessions. During these planning sessions, a new organizational vision was established, priorities were set, and operational metrics were established. As part of the project, the following tasks were executed:

1. Conducted client and customer interviews to assess current situation
2. Created and distributed strategic context materials to Executive Management Team
3. Facilitated formal strategic planning sessions
4. Created organizational alignment between business, operations and IT initiatives
5. Assisted in developing a new compelling customer value proposition
6. Developed business case and gained executive approval
7. Developed change management roadmap for revitalizing the business
8. Worked with Executives Team to design a new organizational model
9. Specified new Enterprise Process and Systems Architecture
10. Established organizational metrics for tracking progress

The Benefits:

The client organization achieved the following benefits:


Improved margins through differentiated service offerings


Ability to retain strategic clients through service-level improvements


Lowered overall labor costs through process automation


Established a new strategic planning process


Successfully turned around a failing business into a profitable growth-oriented enterprise